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Q. I would like to make my order over the phone to an operator can I?

A. Yes! You can call us on 03333 202202 between 9.30 and 4.30  Monday to Friday and tell us what you want to order and we will register you and enter the details for you and take payment over the phone by credit ior debit card.


Q. I have used a code but it does not seem to work why?


A. At the checkout page once you have types the code on the box you must click on the "Apply Changes" button to the left of the box. Once you do this the screen will refresh and a message will tell you that the code has been successfully applied. (Please note that only  1  code can be applied per order.)

Q. I would like to collect my order but it is showing P&P what should I do?


A. Mail order only sorry. Although special arrangements could be made in exceptional circumstances please call 03333 202202

Q. I used a promotional code in at the checkout but it has not shown on the total why?


A. When you type the code into the box on the checkout page you must make sure it is exactly the same as advertised (e.g. without any spaces at the end) and then you must click on the "Apply Changes" Button on the left side of the screen. If you check the total now any offer will be  reflected in the totals.

Q. I have forgotten my password what can I do?


A. Click on the Login link and then click on "Forgotten password?" Then enter the email address you have already registered with us. and then click on the green button "Please Send Password". You will be sent a new password to your email address by the system. it should be sent within half a minute. If it has not appeared in your inbox please check your junk mail or spam folder as it will definitely have been sent. Once you find it please add the email address to the safe senders list in your email programme to stop it going astray in future.  
You should then cut and paste this new password and login - please make sure you do not inlude any spaces when you cut and paste or if you type it in  use the same case as you see as it is case sensitive.
As the new password it generated automatically you may want to change it for a more memorable one by going to "Your Account" and click on the link Change Password (underneath the padlock image)

 Q. I have received a new password but it doesn't work


 A. You must make sure you type the email address without any spaces at the beginning or at the end and the new password in exactly as it has been sent (it is case sensitive). The best way to use one of these automatically generated passwords which you can then change in the “Your Account” area is to cut and paste it. To do this highlight the password and then hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then press the letter “C”.  Then go to the website click on Login and type in your email address then click in the password box so you have the cursor in the box and  then hold down the “ctrl” button again and press “V” the password will then be inserted in the box but will show as asterisk’s. Click on the Login button and your name will appear at the top right hand of the screen saying Welcome Back.. if this still doesn't work please let us know and we will manually reset your password for you.
Q. I have to return an item where should I send it?
A. At the bottom of your order form that you received with your order there is a cut off address label with our return address on it for you to use. if you cannot find that then your item should be sent to
Pondskipper Crafts, Unit 4 Riverside Mead, Peterborough. PE2 8JN.

Q. My order seems to have disappeared will I have to do it again?


A. Not necessarily. Computers and the Internet can have many glitches which can cause your basket to empty. It may be that the order you have made has not been lost but is waiting for you to complete payment. 
To find it:
1.    Make sure you are logged in
2.    After you are logged in click on "Your Account" in the Customer Login box on the right hand side of the screen
3.    You will now see a screen as shown here:
4. click on the cardboard box logo or "Order History"order history
5. You will then see your past order history.
6. Should your order be there it will have a link next to it to "complete payment"
7. Click the link and follow the on screen instructions.
8. If you still have a problem send us an email (
click here) or call during opening hours

Q. I would like to order but do not want to put in my credit card details can I pay by Telephone, Cheque or Postal Order?


A. You can but with some limitations on when by phone. 
Shop the Pondskipper Crafts website in the usual way placing items into your basket. When you are finished click on "View Basket". You will see your order there. Click on the  Place Your Order Now button and you will be presented with 3 payment options. Please then choose the "Postal Order Form" option. You will then see a form which you can print out for your records / send it to us with your payment (cheque or postal order or your credit card details (although this is not recommended)). If you wish to pay by credit card over the phone you can call 03333 202202 between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm when your card details will be taken and payment taken. Your receipt will be included with your parcel and your card details will be destroyed as soon as payment is taken.
Q. I have a gift certificate but am unsure of how to use it. 
 A. The number on the gift certificate you received is unique to you and may only be used for full payment of an order. You cannot part use it and ask for some money back. You should cut and paste the number from your electronic gift certificate making sure there are no extra spaces or characters and then paste it (or type it in from scratch if you prefer) in the box at the checkout and then click on the "Apply Changes" button on the left side of the screen. Your gift certificate value will then be deducted from your order total. However - if you make a mistake with the order processing and have to start again the certificate number may not work again as it for one use only. Should this happen please call us during office hours on 03333 202202 and we will be able to reset the certificate to be used again.

Q. I have looked at my order history and can see another order which is awaiting payment which I no longer want what shall I do?


A. Make a note of the order number and send us an email  (click here) or call 03333 202202 during opening hours, asking us to cancel the order which will be in a "pending" this helps us too as it releases stock that has automatically reserved for you by the computer.

Q. Can I pay by cheque or postal order


A. YES! Make your order and at the payment screen click the option on Postal Order Form. You will then see a screen which has your order details on it. Please print this off and post it to us with your cheque or Postal Order made payable to Pondskipper Crafts Ltd. Once received  (and cleared in the case of cheques) we will dispatch your order. You can follow the status of your order in the Order History screen (see above)

Q. I have received my order but there is something wrong what shall I do?


A. Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have a broken or missing items. Call us Monday to Friday 9.30 to 4.30 on 03333 202202 or email us (click here) Please have your order number available and we will sort out any issues you may have.

Q. My order has not arrived what shall I do?


A. Depending on where you live or how large your order was will depend on how long it takes to get to you and this would have been noted at the bottom of the email you should have received when your order was dispatched. If it has been sent by Royal Mail then you should allow 4 days for delivery. If sent by couriers e.g. Interlink then you should receive it within 2 working days. Please check for any card that may have been left or with your neighbours if they could have signed for the parcel. International orders please allow 7 days. Then you could call us Monday to Friday 9.30 to 4.30 on 03333 202 202 or email us (click here) Please have your order number available and we will sort out any problems.

Q. I can not login with my password how can I fix it?


A. Please make sure that you are using the correct password. Your password is case sensitive, please try it in upper and lower case and Capitalised. If you still cannot login you can request a new password (click here) A new password will be emailed to you. This must be typed exactly as it appears in your email. Once logged in please click on "Your Account" and change your password to something memorable. Once you have done that you will be sent a further email confirming your details have changed.

Q. I don't receive any emails from you about my order why?


A. Please make sure that you are not blocking our emails with your anti virus software or that they are not being delivered into your junk mail list (add us to your "Safe Senders" list. 
Have you previously clicked on "unsubscribe"? in which case our emailer software will automatically block us sending to your email address. Please contact us is this is the case and you would like to receive the emails again. Login to your account on the www.pondskippercrafts.co.uk website and click on "Your Account" then click on Newsletter and complete your details.

Q. I receive emails from you but cannot login to the website why is this?


A. You can register just your email address to go on the mailing list  on the Pondskipper Website (bottom right hand side of the page) but to shop we need you to provide your address and contact details. You can do this by







Q. How can I find out what papers sizes mean?



A. Papers sizes are referred to in European ISO paper sizes such as A4 A5 etc. The corresponding envelope has a prefix of C with number e.g. A5 Card (folded size) will fit into a C5 envelope. Below is a table showing the measurements in mm. Top convert to Inches divide the number by 2.54 (the number of centimetres per inch)


A Sizes (mm)
B Sizes (mm)
C Sizes (mm)
1682 x 2378
1189 x 1682
841 x 1189
1000 x 1414
917 x 1297
594 x 841
707 x 1000
648 x 917
420 x 594
500 x 707
458 x 648
297 x 420
353 x 500
324 x 458
210 x 297
250 x 353
229 x 324
148 x 210
176 x 250
162 x 229
105 x 148
125 x 176
114 x 162
74 x 105
88 x 125
81 x 114
52 x 74
62 x 88
57 x 81
37 x 52
44 x 62
40 x 57
26 x 37
31 x 44
28 x 40
 last edited 14/12/15
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